Engineering Programming: Unit Conversions

cf - Conversion Factor Source Code Package
cf exectable for Linux | cf exectable for DOS/Cygwin | cf exectable compiled with MS-FORTRAN
Makefile | cf.f | comp.f | ctoi.f | getc.f | getcf.f | getfu.f | getunit.f | tfpow.f | tfusub.f | tu.f | tv.f | vadd.f

This program converts from one set of units to another. Conversion
factors and unit abreviations are defined according to the listing
given in the "...UNITS" section of the HP-28S reference manual.

CASE IS SIGNIFICANT when entering units.

The degrees symbol, "" is produced by holding down Alt and typing
248 on the numeric key pad.
The prefix micro is represented by lowercase u.

     Usage:  cf

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