Linux System Administration

This page contains scripts for performing a variety of system administration tasks.
  1. Collection of useful commands | Daniel's Linux Command Notes
  2. Copying Linux to a RAID0 Partition Step-by-step instructions from start to finish
  3. du_sort Sort "du -hcs" output from smallest to largest file size
  4. Getting Linux Distributions
  5. Job Control
  6. Library Commands and Tips
  7. Networking Tips
  8. Transferring Files with a Crossover cable and Two Linux Rescue CDs
  9. Zeroing Out a Drive or Partition How to wipe it clean

File Name Management

  1. change_ext Change the extension of file names.
  2. fmt_fnames Clean up and format file names. Remove extra blanks, change case, etc.
  3. num_only Stip away text from numbered files.
  4. offset Rename numbered files to a new offset.

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